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How we Help

Pain management medicine often goes by the 80/20 rule – you’re encouraged to make appointments for treatment 80% of the time, and take charge of it yourself 20% of the time.

The 20% is usually because it’s inconvenient for a mammoth medical system to address things like:

  • See you as a living, breathing human being
  • Get that you have your own unique learning style
  • Make pain relief satisfying & fun.

Life Restored

After years of struggling with daily debilitating pain, many of our clients very quickly get back to the things they love, like gardening and playing with kids. Others cancel their planned back surgeries.​

Body Confidence

Our holistic approach to posture improvement and pain relief can restore your confidence in your body and how you move.


We put you in charge of your own healing. Our unique & creative (yet fact-based) way of working facilitates our clients in building their own toolset for getting & staying out of pain.

What Clients Have to Say...

Meet Your Facilitator

Anne Asher, ACE Certified Health Coach & Personal Trainer Specializing in Chronic Pain Relief

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Tennis Ball Tip #1

Tennis balls are great for releasing chronic muscle tension.

Anne Asher

ACE-Certified Trainer & Health Coach, Specializing in the Release of Chronic Pain
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Tennis Ball Tip #2

Stay at the level of the "good hurt" for safe & effective results.