get personalized support for posture Improvement & Pain Relief

1:1 Movement healing sessions

The Human Approach to Healing Your Body.

Address your individual movement, posture or ergonomic issues in a 1:1 session with Anne.

A Few Ways to use these sessions

Guided Movement Healing

Get your own individual mind-body moves to help kick start or continue the pain relief process.

Deep Dive into Our Home Study Topics

Supplement your engagement with any of our home study programs with personalized attention, making it even easier and faster to achieve results.

Ergonomic Shopping Assistance

Feel refreshed & pain free all day long. We will help you fit your workstation to you, and not the other way around. Individualized research & recommendations included.

Keep Natural Pain Release Going for the Long Term

Turn your PT-home exercise program into a satisfying, results-filled experience. We will help you weave our signature pain relief "holistic foundation" protocol into each move.

Clients Say

OMG! It is like I never had back problems at all. I’m strong, pain free and super happy about it. It is hard to remember how much pain I was in for 11 years!!! I even went on roller coasters this summer with no problems. If my husband wasn’t holding me back I’d probably be jumping horses and sky diving again. Of course, at 56 I should probably not do that! LOL. I was talking about this with my husband a few days ago and I am so thankful for your help. It was such a blessing that you came into my life when you did!


Randy M., Healthcare Manager, Chicago.

Anne is reliable and professional – respecting her clients’ time and privacy. She is very conscientious about safety and injury prevention, and does an excellent job of tailoring a program to meet specific needs.

Also, Anne is knowledgeable, dedicated and very enthusiastic about her work. She makes her clients feel comfortable yet challenged and remains keenly aware of subtle changes during each movement session.

I am able to achieve much more body awareness, control and change of uncomfortable lifelong posture habits under Anne’s careful guidance, than I ever could in any other exercise program or on my own.

Linda Bussor, Math Instructor, Ca.

About Your Facilitator

Anne Asher

Ergonomic Evaluator, Health Coach, Personal Trainer

My name is Anne Asher, and I am the founder of Posturally. Here are 3 things you should know about me.

1. While I value research & science-backed facts, I am very holistic and creative by nature. My sessions provide a mix of the two.

2. As a practitioner and health journalist combined, I have helped thousands, if not millions, of people overcome chronic pain in the office, at home and on the go.

3. I created Posturally because I believe that when we have the skills for being in charge of how our bodies feel (and we use them), we will have a better world. People would be less stressed and more self-empowered