Are You Ready to Release Pain and Thrive Again?

If chronic pain has you down for the count, your office job makes you hurt and/or depletes your energy, or you’re simply losing your verve now that you’re a bit older, I can help you transform. My clients regularly:

  • Overcome decades-long debilitating pain
  • Thrive in the office
  • Avoid surgery
  • Escape the medical system's spine care "runaround" (that often makes things much worse.)
  • Return to sport (including professional athletes)
  • Relieve tension migraines
  • Lose weight (a side effect of my work for some)

And, perhaps best of all...

Surprise themselves as to how physically adept they have become --- with major reductions in pain. The beauty of my system is that anyone can do it.

Here's My Bio

Anne Asher is a movement educator with over 25 years’ experience, and the author of the book Inside Out Pain Relief: The Human Approach to Healing Your Body. She is the founder of Posturally, LLC, a company that helps people help themselves out of pain without the use of drugs or surgery.

A recognized leader in the field of holistic pain management; Anne's expertise has been featured in major media outlets including Wiley, Conde Naste, the American Council on Exercise and, formerly a division of The New York Times Company.

She is also an award-winning health journalist specializing in spine and holistic pain management.

Anne holds three certifications from the American Council on Exercise: Trainer, Health Coach and Orthopedic Exercise Specialist. For over a decade, she's served as a consumer reviewer for the Cochrane Back Group, a non-profit organization providing the public with science backed data on the effects of various spine treatments.

In her spare time, Anne loves to perform, especially dance, comedy & jazz singing. Some of the places you may have seen her include at the Chazen Museum on the UW Campus, on the Kennedy Center Millennium Stage in Washington D.C. with Liz Lerman Dance Exchange and in improv shows locally around Madison.

Here's What Clients Have to Say