Workstation Set Up & Posture Traininig

Tailored-to-you know-how for healthy computing.


60 Minutes of Discovery & Coaching

We are very thorough about uncovering your current workstation set-up, along with the issues to address. Once the info is collected, we'll then do a deep dive on a Zoom call.

detailed Report of Findings

A detailed report, accompanied by a video walkthrough includes your workstation measurements, and comparison between your current and the ideal set up. Your areas of discomfort will be addressed.

Access to Ergonomic Courses

To aid you in implementing the suggested changes from your report, as well as solidifying your ergonomic skills, get lifetime access to two digital products: Master Healthy Sitting & The Ergonomic Book Bundle.

Support & Accountability

This package comes with 30 days of email support. Ask anything you'd like about your workstation or posture. After that you can ask questions, make comments and received continued in our Facebook group - indefinitely.

How the Process Works

Bonus #1

Master Healthy Sitting

with the Desk Posture Challenge

This 5 video, 90 minute master course will give you the skills you need to choose your chair wisely and set it up & adjust it like a pro.

We cover all major chair adjustments, and their correlated low and no-cost fixes. You’ll learn about the ideal posture corresponding to each chair adjustment, and try a few posture training experiences, too.

The course comes with our most popular e-book, “5 Breath Mastery Techniques to Help You Sail through the Day.”

Bonus #2

The Ergonomic Book Bundle

5 E-Books to Keep you On Track with Your Ergonomic Changes.

The Ergonomic Book Bundle provides accountability help, with 5 “tip” type books on various aspects of setting up your workstation and managing posture at the desk.  Topic include both “outer” and “inner” fixes; that is, things you can change in your environment as well as shifts you can make in your posture & movement habits.

The Books:

  • Don’t Be a Hunchback
  • 5 Breath Mastery Techniques to Help You Sail Through The Day
  • Posturally’s Guide to Buying, Configuring and Using Your Ergonomic Office Chair
  • Posturally’s Guide to Working Comfortably @ Your Desk
  • Posturally’s Guide to Eyestrain & Glare

What Clients Have to Say About Anne's Ergonomic coaching

Anne is extremely knowledgeable about workplace ergonomics.  I would highly recommend her work. 

Mary Crawford, The Joy of Being Well

I was ecstatic when I discovered Anne and her expertise in ergonomics. I had been dealing with chronic tension headaches, partly to do with a medical condition, and it was knocking me out by the time I returned home from work. Anne’s work has enabled me to manage about 85% of this pain. Thank you, Anne!

Chantel Soumis, Stardust Creative

About Your Facilitator

Anne Asher

Ergonomic Evaluator, Health Coach, Personal Trainer

My name is Anne Asher, and I am the founder of Posturally. I’m a certified personal trainer & health coach specializing in the relief of chronic pain. I’m also a certified ergonomic evaluator. Here are 3 things you should know about me.

1. While I value research & science-backed facts, I am very holistic and creative by nature. My sessions provide a mix of the two.

2. As a practitioner and award-winning health journalist, I have helped thousands, if not millions, of people overcome chronic pain in the office, at home and on the go.

3. I created Posturally because I believe that when we have the skills for being in charge of how our bodies feel (and we use them), we will have a better world. People would be less stressed and more self-empowered