does your computer job give you pain & brain fog?


master healthy sitting

the desk posture challenge

In this 90 minute course, you’ll learn what the pros know (and more) about chair set up and good posture at the desk.

work-Smart Solutions

Adjustments for Chairs of Every Price Point

Cut to the chase with only the most relevant adjustments necessary for pain free computing.

Low-Cost Workarounds for seating That's not ergonomic

We translate high end chair adjustments for every budget and every type of seating arrangement.

At-The-Desk Posture Hacks for Mind & Body

Posture learning experiences for each of the chair adjustments solidifies your learning and keeps you pain free.

Solutions to "Sitting is the New Smoking"

Research-based tips 'n' tricks to help you over overcome the ill health effects of a sedentary job.


Author spotlight

A recognized leader in the field in the field of holistic pain management, Anne is a personal trainer, health coach & ergonomic consultant. Her expertise has been featured in major media outlets including Wiley, Conde Naste, the American Council on Exercise and, formerly a division of The New York Times Company.

Anne Asher, CTP, Health Coach

Readers say

Anne is extremely knowledgeable about workplace ergonomics.  I would highly recommend her work. 

Mary Crawford, The Joy of Being Well

I was ecstatic when I discovered Anne and her expertise in ergonomics. I had been dealing with chronic tension headaches, partly to do with a medical condition, and it was knocking me out by the time I returned home from work. Anne’s work has enabled me to manage about 85% of this pain. Thank you, Anne!

Chantel Soumis, Stardust Creative

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