Every time you access one of THE COMPANY’S WEBSITES, the terms of use, as set forth in this document, will apply. From time to time, THE COMPANY may revise these terms of use. When that happens, THE COMPANY will update this document you are reading now. The new version of the terms of use policy will go into effect immediately after the updated document is uploaded and live on the WEBSITES.

THE WEBSITES are online to provide visitors a rich, interactive experience. Additionally, internet technology allows for content to be personalized. You agree that in order to supply you with such experience, THE COMPANY may collect personally identifiable information including but not limited to your name and email, in accordance with the terms of this privacy policy.

THE COMPANY has a NO-SPAM policy, and will never sell, barter, or rent your email address to any 3rd party. The type of information collected about you by THE COMPANY will often depend on what page you are on and what activity you participate in. For example, if you sign up for free content to be delivered to your inbox, THE COMPANY will collect your email, and possibly your first name. If you purchase a product for download or a physical product to be sent to you, more personally identifiable information will be collected, so that THE COMPANY can process the order. Some of this information may be used in planning future products and/or marketing campaigns. Other examples of ways in which THE COMPANY might collect personally identifiable information from you include but are not limited to: when you inquire about services, make blog comments, participate in contests, chats or forums and more. Other services may be become available on any of THE COMPANY’s WEBSITEs, and this document will be updated when that happens.

As with most websites on the internet today, personally identifiable information is collected electronically through “cookies”, logs and other means. Often these services are for your convenience and can save you time and work. So while you do have the option to configure your browser to not accept cookies, for example, this may mean there will be some content on the WEBSITES you will be unable to access. Another thing that may occur should you opt out of cookie use is that you may need to reenter your password repeatedly, which can get irritating.

THE COMPANY will not share your information with any other entity. It may use your information to personalize the content delivered to you. This could include advertisements. This is standard practice on the part of web publishers all around the internet.

Your personal information may be used as part of an aggregate of information. When you are a part of aggregated information, you basically are a statistic. Your name, email and other personally identifiable information will not be collected at all. Example includes monthly WEBSITE usage measurements or demographical statistics used to interest companies who may buy advertising space from THE COMPANY WEBSITEs. Your personally identifiable information may be used to communicate to you about your purchase, membership, customization or related activity. Your information may be used in legal proceedings, should you owe money THE COMPANY is attempting to collect. In this case, THE COMPANY will likely not inform you about the exposure of your personally identifiable information. If THE COMPANY is bought or other partnership is formed, your information will be a part of that transaction, and in that way, may change hands. THE COMPANY may employ 3rd party services that help it administer its WEBSITES. THE COMPANY cannot be responsible for the conduct of these 3rd party companies. These 3rd party companies may electronically collect your personal information. If a 3rd party company is involved in processing your order or membership, it’s possible they will have access to your information.

Regardless of how your information will by used by THE COMPANY, it will always be used within the bounds of the law. If you click on a link on one of the WEBSITES and it takes you to a 3rd party website, you should check the new website’s privacy, terms of use and other policies before relinquishing your personal information. THE COMPANY bears no responsibility for the practices and policies of any WEBSITE on the internet not owned by THE COMPANY. Anytime you type in your name, email and/or other personally identifiable information, you are exposing that information to the public. This includes, for example, using your real name when you leave a blog comment. THE COMPANY is not responsible for actions taken with your information when you give it this way.