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It's Easier Than You Think!  This Book will Show You Exactly How You Can Relieve Your Chronic Pain - without Drugs, Surgery or Supplements.

This easy-to-read, well-illustrated book will take you through the same steps I use with my  in-person clients to relieve debilitating pain, get back to doing the things they love (like gardening, backpacking, and competitive athletics) and even cancel their planned back surgeries.

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This 166-Page PDF Book Will...

  • Walk You Step-by-Step through My Proven Program

    Walk through the same exact steps my clients do. It’s like having in-person sessions in the comfort of your own home and at your own pace. Many readers and clients report dramatic improvements very quickly.

  • Show You The Things Doctors and Physical Therapists Typically Skip

    This book fills in the knowledge gap between medicine and being an average person trying to get through the day painfree. Learn to own & operate your body like a pro!

  • Put You In Charge of the Way You Feel

    The user-friendly techniques you’ll learn in this book are gentle. Just the same, they will give you back your power. Finally, you can be the one who determines how you feel and how well you move!


Here's What Our Readers Say about The Book

I have been struggling with chronic back pain since I suffered an injury in 2003. This book helped me to further understand my body and it awakened awareness of what is going on when I move.  I really liked learning about breathing techniques and muscle balance. Anne Asher has a great way of expressing a holistic approach to relieving back pain.

B.F. Chicago

Reading this book is like having a personal coach for the routines.

Karan A.
Karan A. Silicon Valley

Love this book! Perfect for anyone at any level. Having been an Iyengar yoga student, I  wanted a reference that could guide me into body balance while I work at home. This book fills the bill. It describes the subtle positions of the pelvis and shoulders really well. Plus, the muscle drawings are so informative!

S. Tyler
S. Tyler Texas

Great resource for those with back issues. Written from an experienced point of view, with step-by-step practical tips included. Anne writes with feeling and approaches her suggestions head on. Positive outcomes after starting to do what she tells you.

Richard M.
Richard M. Miami

As a physical therapist and yoga instructor, I know the importance of finding correct alignment and activating deep postural muscles to help alleviate back pain. Anne's approach is anatomically accurate while still remaining accessible for readers without a medical background. I'll be happy to be able to recommend this book as a resource for patients.

Katie O.
Katie O. Madison, WI

The book is easy to read but still quite informative, and the exercises are easy yet effective. I wish I could go back in time and give this book to my mother, who for decades suffered from chronic back pain.

B. Cameron
B. Cameron South Carolina

The whole time I was reading the book, I felt like I had my own personal back coach.  It is so nice to deal with my body from a soothing perspective as opposed to grinning my way through pain. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who is struggling with chronic back problems.

B.B. New York

One of my favorite aspects of this book is the way it walked me through all of the information and exercises in a tone similar to how a really knowledgeable and accessible personal trainer would. 

Jan G.
Jan G. California
BUY NOW: $9.99 (for a limited time)

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