If you've recently started working from home, you may soon find out how uncomfortable it can be. 

The absolute best way to solve this problem is get your workstation numbers calculated, along with a bit of ergonomic coaching. (Below the video is my offer - it's at a deep discount for a little while while we're all adjusting to the coronavirus situation.) 

But if you insist on DIY, this video has some great tips.  (Love his accent 🙂 )


Newly working from home?

Posturally is offering a virtual workstation eval and coaching package, designed especially for those needing to transition to the home office.  Evals usually start at $150, but we are offering as low a price as possible to help get you back up to speed on your just quickly & comfortably. 


1. Survey/interview of your concerns

2. Workstation measurements for both sitting and standing.

3. Online posture eval and recommendations

4. Guidance and recommendations for quick fixes and equipment purchases

5. Email or conference call support for 2 weeks/Facebook group support after that (ongoing.)  

6. Your own copy of Posturally's "Desk Posture Challenge." All you need for proper sitting posture at the desk.

The timer has expired!

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